Would You Precious Treasure Gain

Would you precious treasure gain?
Would you endless life obtain?
Search the Scriptures, for the truth is written there;
Let thy heart take earnest heed,
Let your faith each promise plead,
God will teach the souls that read His word with care.

Holy Bible, God hath spoken,
Let His Word direct my way;
Holy Bible, wondrous token,
I believe thee, I receive thee and obey.

Would you lead young souls today
In the safe and narrow way?
Take the sacred message given from on high;
For the word of truth and grace
Is a light in every place,
That will teach us how to live and how to die. [Refrain]

Till the day-star from above
Fill your heart with light and love
May the music of the Gospel onward roll;
Till the shadows are withdrawn,
And the light from Heaven dawn,
And the splendor flood the earth from pole to pole. [Refrain]