Would You See Jesus O Weary Tempted Soul

Would you see Jesus, O weary, tempted soul,
And upon Him your heavy burden roll?
Would you be cleansed from your filthy rags of sin?
Thro’ the straight gate now strive to enter in.

Enter in now while the gates are open wide;
Seek your heart’s cleansing in Jesus’ riven side;
Enter in now! here you shall be satisfied,
Enter, enter in!

Would you see Jesus, Then leave the husks and swine!
Hark! for He bids thee freely “come and dine!”
Trust the sweet promise, “He will not cast the out!”
Mercy is waiting, linger not in doubt. [Chorus]

Would you see Jesus? Then come to Him today,
Quickly now cast your filthy rags away;
For you He purchased a robe of righteousness:
All things are ready, hasten to the feast! [Chorus]