Would You Truly Follow Jesus

Would you truly follow Jesus,
You must watch the whole way thro’,
You must guard, as for the Master,
Ev’rything you say and do.

Follow the Savior ev’rywhere,
Bearing the cross or wearing the crown;
Follow him on tho’ dangers frown,
Follow the Savior ev’rywhere.

If your heart is fill’d with gladness,
Ring it out and set it free;
Tell to all the joy of Jesus,
Ever live that all may see. [Refrain]

You may be a living witness,
Let your service joyful be;
Some perhaps that halt and linger,
May be watching you and me. [Refrain]

If, to prove your love to Jesus
You cannot do all you would;
He accepts the smallest tribute,
If you’ve done whate’er you could. [Refrain]