Would You Win A Soul To God

Would you win a soul to God?
Tell him of the Saviour’s blood;
Say, how Jesu’s bowels move;
Tell him of redeeming love.

Tell him how the streams did glide
From his hands, his feet, his side;
How his head with thorns was crown’d,
And his heart in sorrow drown’d.

Tell him how he suffer’d death-
Freely yielded up his breath,
Dy’d, and rose to intercede,
As our advocate and head.

Tell him it was sov’reign grace
Wrought on you to seek his face-
Made you choose the better part-
Brought salvation to your heart.

Tell him of that liberty,
Wherewith Jesus makes us free;
Sweetly speak of sins forgiv’n-
Earnest of the joys of heav’n.