Wouldst Thou Find A Friend To Love Thee

Wouldst thou find a friend to love thee
More than human hearts can love,
One who knows thy every trial?
Such a friend thou hast above.

Go, in trusting faith believing,
Cast thy burden on the Lord,
He has promised to receive thee-
Take thy Savior at His word.

Wouldst thou find the blessed fountain,
Flowing at the cross so free?
Go to Jesus; He will guide thee;
Cleansed by Him thy soul shall be. [Refrain]

Wouldst thou find a friend to teach thee
How thy soul by faith may live,
How to reach those heights of rapture
Earthly joy can never give? [Refrain]

Wouldst thou find a friend to shield thee
When with clouds thy sky is dim?
Go to Jesus; ask His mercy;
Lo, He calls thee, go to Him. [Refrain]