Ye Are Gods Building Is The Word

Ye are God’s Building, (is the Word)
Rais’d for the Glory of the Lord,
Where he delights to dwell:
In Jesus, rais’d by his own Hand,
This building ever shall withstand
The hostile Gates of Hell.

As skilful Builders always care
Proper Materials to prepare,
Needful for Strength and Grace;
So did he choose us in our Head,
Ere Time commenc’d, or Worlds were made,
To build his Dwelling-Place.

Such no untemper’d Mortar use,
But justly will the same refuse
For what’s more excellent;
All human Daubings God despis’d;
When he his noble Building rais’d,
Christ was the strong Cement.

Would you the stately Pile survey,
Its Beauty, Strength and Harmony?
Then Christ Immanuel see!
Where all Perfections in him meet,
There is the Building seen complete,
The Sum of all is He.