Ye Are The Temples Jesus Hath Spoken

Ye are the temples, Jesus hath spoken,
Temples of God’s holy Spirit divine;
Have ye receiv’d him, bidden him enter,
Make his abode in that poor heart of thine?

Have ye receiv’d, since ye believ’d,
The blessed Holy Ghost?
He who has promis’d, gift of the Father,
Have ye receiv’d the Holy Ghost?

He who has pardon’d surely will cleanse thee,
All of the dross of thy nature refine;
Cleans’d from all sin, his power will enter,
Fill you and thrill you with power divine. [Refrain]

Showers of mercy, fulness of blessing,
Ever the Spirit’s indwelling attend;
‘Tis this enduement, power of service,
Fruits for your labor he surely will send. [Refrain]

Weary of wand’ring, come into Canaan,
Feast on the fullness and fat of the land;
Feed on the manna, dwell in the sunshine,
Led by his Spirit and kept by his hand. [Refrain]