Ye Birds Awake For The Dawn Is Near

Ye birds, awake, for the dawn is near,
Enliven the land with your singing;
Sing praises to God from your loftiest sphere
And thank Him for life and the light that the morning is bringing.

The swallows fly, by the church at play,
While sparrows from dwellings are pouting;
They all sing good morning and bid you good day:
“God’s speed to you all while we joyfully upward are soaring.”

Their joyful songs to the Lord arise,
He knows every bird under heaven;
He watches their flight and He heareth their sighs,
He gives them protection, when tempests them widely have driven.

Thou watchest over Thy children, God,
Thy child in Thy kindness rejoices;
When leaving their perches the birds soar abroad,
Thou hearest the praise of Thy children ‘mongst millions of voices.