Ye Careless Souls Will Ye Delay

Ye careless souls will ye delay!
And trifle precious time away;
Why will ye spend your days of grace
In vanity and idleness?

Why will ye forfeit future joys?
For sale of mean and empty toys;
And slight that which would make you blest,
And place your souls in peace to rest.

Will ye abuse what God doth give?
The precious time wherein ye live;
The time wherein ye may secure,
Your happiness for evermore.

Who would neglect to gain the prize,
When all at hand before one’s eyes:
And yet neglect and still delay,
Until the prize be took away.

Such is the case with careless souls,
They act the part of stupid fools;
They forfeit life, they forfeit heav’n,
That freely would to them be giv’n.

To day, while ye do hear his voice,
Let his great offers by your choice;
Let your repentance be sincere,
To call on God while he is near.

Delays are dangerous you know;
Your heart and conscience tell you so;
Much better you would watch and pray,
Than trifle precious time away.