Ye Children Of The Heavenl

Ye children of the heav’nly King,
Hear Jesus’ call to you-
Be up and onward! march away,
His soldiers brave and true.
Your foes, unseen, are strong indeed-
Fight ev’ry fault and sin-
Oh! look to Christ in time of need,
And you shall vict’ry win.

Then onward go! yes,-onward go!
Be strong to dare-
go arm’d with pray’r;
Face ev’ry foe-yes, onward go,
Courageous ev’rywhere.

Your Saviour gives the shield of faith,
“Salvation’s helmet” true;
His armor wear! fail not to take
The “Spirit’s sword” with you.
Let self be battled day by day-
Put all temptation down-
Then onward go-away-away!-
To win a glorious crown. [Refrain]

Walk in the path the Saviour trod,
And win Him volunteers;
So live that you shall honor God
Throughout eternal years.
And you shall evermore rejoice
That victory was won;
That Christ said with approving voice,
My child, “well done-well done!” [Refrain]