Ye Children Of Your God Attend

Ye children of your God attend;
Ye heirs of glory hear;
For accents, so divine as these,
Might charm the dullest ear.

Baptized into your Savior’s death,
Your souls to sin must die;
With Christ your Lord, ye live anew,
With Christ ascend on High.

There by his Father’s side he sits,
Entrhoned divinely fair;
Yet owns himself your brother still,
And your forerunner there.

Rise from these earthly trifles, rise
On wings of faith and love;
Above your choicest treasure lies,
And be your hearts above.

But earth and sin will drag us down,
When we attempt to fly;
Lord, send thy strong attractive power
To raise and fix us high.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,