Ye Children Of Zion Thats Who Are Aiming

Ye children of Zion, who’re aiming for glory.
Enlisted with Jesus to fight against hell,
New Canaan’s bright borders are now just before you,
Though Jordan’s proud billows its banks o’er-swell.
Ten thousand have crossed it, and now join in glory,
A shouting and telling the triumphant story;
And Jesus, our Savior, will bring us all over,
In Canaan’s blest regions, forever to dwell.

This makes my heart joyful, it fills me with pleasure.
That suffering and toiling will one day be o’er.
With Jesus my Savior I’ll there count my treasure.
Where sin, pain, and sorrow can reach me no more.
Be bold and courageous, and fear not the devil.
Though he should speak of you all manner of evil.
For though Satan rages, yet Jesus engages
To bring in all safely to Canaan’s fair shore.

Like ships on the ocean we’re tossed by commotion.
But Christ is the pilot, and he’s a sure guide:
If sick and afflicted, kind love has a lotion
Which flows in abundance from Jesus’s side.
Though Satan’s wild whirlwinds like deluges roaring.
And floods of temptation as hail are down pouring,
Though devils should haunt you, yet let them not daunt you,
For Jesus rules over the wind and the tide.

I feel his love blazing, my spirits are raising,
Had I angel’s pinions, away would I go.
And see that bright city, and hear angels praising,
And all the enjoyments of glory I’d know.
To God the great Father, who shines throughout heaven,
All glory from saints and from angels be given;
My heart is on fire – my Jesus draws nigher –
His love, like an ocean within me doth flow.

His love so constrains me, this earth can’t contain me,
My soul is so joyful, I’m filled with new wine,
Tis grace that supports me, and glory awaits me,
While light from his presence within me doth shine.
Bright angels attend me where-e’er I am going,
And Jesus directs me, whatever I’m doing:
A subject of wonder, on which angels ponder.
That beggars are raised to a life so divine.