Ye Christian Parents Dry Your Eyes Tears

Ye christian parents dry your tears,
O why should they be shed!
This may solace your cares and fears,
Jesus will raise the dead.

Your infants laid into the earth,
Which grieves you to the heart;
A short time they survive their birth,
Until they must depart.

Your tender branches torn away,
To wither in their bloom;
But look ye forward to the day,
When Christ the Lord shall come.

Then shall your children be restor’d;
And never die again:
But live and dwell with Christ the Lord,
And freed from death and pain.

Then shall their bodies be renew’d
And like the Saviour’s shine;
Consisting not of flesh and blood,
But heav’nly and divine.

How happy will your meeting be
Before the Saviour’s face,
Where your dear children you shall see,
In heav’n, that happy place.