Ye Christians Sing A Joyful Lay

Ye Christians, sing a joyful lay
To God, the Holy One,
Who heaven’s door flings wide today
And sends to earth His Son,
And sends to earth His Son.

He leaves the Father’s throne on high,
Is born an infant small,
Doth in a lowly manger lie,
Is sheltered in a stall,
Is sheltered in a stall.

His royal pow’r He lays aside,
Becomes like mortal man,
And here below doth He abide
Who laid creation’s plan,
Who laid creation’s plan.

He is the heir of David’s throne,
And yet God’s only Son,
By whose unbounded grace alone
The kingdom must be won,
The kingdom must be won.

He serve, that He may set me free
And well supply my need;
What more could Jesus do for me?
He is my help indeed,
He is my help indeed.

Again He opens wide the door
To blissful Paradise;
The cherub guards the gate no more,
O let your praises rise!