Ye Flaming Hosts Enthroned In Light

Ye flaming hosts enthroned in light,
To Christ your solemn anthems raise;
Return the sound, Heav’n’s sacred height,
And echo back, ye skies, His praise.

Gaze, ye astonished nations, gaze,
Fix on the Babe your wondering eyes;
Hosannas to the Infant raise,
And shout your overwhelming joys.

O man! ’tis thou alone who ought
To lead the universal song;
‘Twas love to thee the Savior brought,
From yonder bright adoring throng.

Extol your king! ye favored race,
Emmanuel, His name adore;
Fall down and magnify His grace,
And praise your God forevermore.

And thou, my soul, adore thy Lord,
Pay homage to the holy Child;
Salute the meek incarnate Word,
Whose glory beams supremely mild.

Bow low before the infant King,
And make thy kindling raptures known;
Thy richest offerings to Him bring,
And bless the Father’s equal Son.