Ye Glittering Toys Of Earth Adieu

Ye glittering toys of earth, adieu,
A nobler choice be mine;
A real prize attracts my view,
A treasure all divine.

Begone, unworthy of my cares,
Ye specious baits of sense;
Inestimable worth appears
The pearl of price immense!

Jesus to multitudes unknown,
O name divinely sweet!
Jesus in thee, in thee alone,
Wealth, honor, pleasure meet,

Should both the Indies at my call,
Their boasted stores resign;
With joy I would renounce them all
For leave to call thee mine.

Should earth’s vain treasures all depart,
Of this dear gift possessed
I’d clasp it to my joyful heart,
And be forever bless’ed.

Dear sovereign of my soul’s desires,
Thy love is bliss divine;
Accept, the wish that love inspires,
And bid me call thee mine.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,