Ye Happy Bells Of Easter Day

Ye happy bells of Easter Day!
Ring, ring your joy.
Thro’ earth and sky
Ye ring a glorious word.
The notes that swell in gladness tell
The rising of the Lord.

Ye carol-bells of Easter Day!
The teeming earth,
That saw His birth
When lying ‘neath the sword,
Upspringeth now in joy, to show
The rising of the Lord!

Ye glory-bells of Easter Day!
The hills that rise
Against the skies,
Re-echo with the word –
The victor-breath that conquers death –
The rising of the Lord!

Ye passion-bells of Easter Day!
The bitter cup
He lifted up,
Salvation to afford.
Ye saintly bells! your passion tells
The rising of the Lord!

Ye mercy-bells of Easter Day!
His tender side
Was riven wide,
Where floods of mercy poured:
Redeemed clay doth sing to-day
The rising of the Lord!

Ye victor-bells of Easter Day!
The thorny crown
He layeth down:
Ring! ring! with strong accord –
The mighty strain of love and pain,
The rising of the Lord!