Ye Hearts With Joyful Vigor Warm

Ye hearts with youthful vigour warm,
In smiling crowds, draw near;
And turn from ev’ry mortal charm,
A Saviour’s voice to hear.

He, Lord of all the worlds on high,
Stoops to converse with you;
And lays his radiant glories by,
Your friendship to pursue.

“The soul that longs to see my face,
Is sure my love to gain;
And those that early seek my grace,
Shall never seek in vain.”

What object, Lord, my soul should move,
If once compar’d with thee?
What beauty should command my love,
Like what in Christ I see?

Away, ye false, delusive toys,
Vain tempters of the mind!
‘Tis here I fix my lasting choice,
And here true bliss I find.