Ye Heavens Rejoice In Jesuss Grace

Ye heavens rejoice in Jesus’s grace,
Let earth make a noise and echo his praise!
Our all loving Saviour hath pacified God,
And paid for his favour the price of his blood.

Ye mountains and vales in praises abound,
Ye hills and ye dales continue the sound,
Break forth into singing ye trees of the wood,
For Jesus’s bringing lost sinners to God.

Atonement he made for every one,
The debt he hath paid, the work he hath done,
Shout all the creation, below and above,
Ascribing salvation to Jesus’ love.

His mercy hath brought salvation to all,
Who take it unbought he frees them from thrall;
Throughout the believer his glory displays,
And perfects for ever the vessels of grace.