Ye Heralds Of Jesus Go Forth With The Li

Ye heralds of Jesus, go forth with the light,
And scatter its glad beams abroad;
‘Twill gladden the nations like songs in the night,
And win precious souls for your Lord.

Go forth with the light, go forth with the light!
Go, scatter the beams o’er the dark ocean wave,
And point them to Jesus, the mighty to save.

‘Tis thine, O beloved, redeemed by the blood,
Salvation’s good news to impart
Today to thy brother, who sinks ‘neath his load,
With gladness to fill the sad heart. [Refrain]

Commissioned of Jesus, the lost ones to win,
Go, reach out a glad helping hand;
In mighty battalions they’re sinking in sin,
Those you might bring safely to land. [Refrain]

In city or village, wherever they be,
Go thou with the life-giving Word;
Stay not, till all people, from sea unto sea,
The old Gospel story have heard. [Refrain]