Ye Members Whose Head Is The Ruler Of He

Ye members, whose Head is the Ruler of heaven,
Why walk ye on earth as if heaven were clos’d?
Remember all power to Jesus is given;
And He on the cross has your tempter depos’d!
Arise then, and hasten, with boldness to chasten
The flesh and its weakness, lest sin be your master,
And heaven be clos’d and the end be disaster,

The earliest Christians in faith seldom falter’d,
Tho’ dangers and trials above them did tow’r;
But now it is diff’rent, men seem to have alter’d;
They call themselves Christians, but where is their pow’r?
Oh, may they be shaken from death to awaken,
That they may revive in the love of their Savior,
And like the first saints grow in grace and His favor.

The Bridegroom has tarried, but soon He arriveth,
Buy oil for your lamps, let it not be too late.
Lukewarmness of faith of his favor depriveth,
Hence watch and pray earnestly while ye must wait.
He cometh in power, none knoweth the hour,
Be ready to join Him, whenever He calls you,
To enter His kingdom whose glory enthralls you.

Arise, then, cross-bearers, with banners uplifted,
Your King marches hither, meet Him on His way.
In Him ye with vict’ry and power are gifted,
And joy like a flood shall refresh you for aye.
All those who believed Him, and gladly received Him,
He’ll grace with a crown that with radiance is gleaming
Far brighter than rays from the summer sun streaming.