Ye Mortals Awake With Grateful Song

Ye mortals, awake with grateful song,
Away with sorrow and gloom;
Let music her joyful notes prolong,
For sinners are coming home.

Rejoice, salvation is free,
For sinners there is room;
The Saviour’s waiting to welcome thee,
O will you come.

Ye heavenly gates your bars unfold,
Ye choirs celestial sing;
While penitents, weary, faint and cold,
Their burdens to Jesus bring. [Refrain]

When none could for guilt and sin atone,
None save a ruined world;
‘Twas Jesus, whose mighty pow’r alone,
Our foe to destruction hurled. [Refrain]

O sinner, He gave His life for thee;
Canst thou not yet believe?
A pardon is waiting, full and free;
Accept it, and thou shalt live. [Refrain]