Ye Nations All Howeer Dispersed Abroad

Ye nations all, howe’er dispers’d abroad,
With voice united sing the living God;
With soul sincere his statutes all obey,
And in glad anthems his bright pow’r display.
Our father, he–he gave to nature birth,
‘Twas he that form’d us of the quicken’d earth;
And still he shews his kind paternal care,
And feeds us sweetly in his pastures fair.
Therefore with joy let us his gate attend,
And in his courts with grateful praises bend,
Own him our great creator and our king,
And hymns harmonious to his glory sing.
For ever gracious, ever good, he’ll prove;
Unbounded his beneficence and love;
Firm is his truth, inviolate his word–
To endless time protects the just our Lord.