Ye People Cease From Tears

Ye people, cease from tears,
Your prayers are heard above:
And from His throne in Heav’n appears
The God of peace and love.

O’er Bethl’em’s silent plains,
Hark, heav’nly voices sing,
Announcing in triumphant strains
The birthday of our king.

The faithful shepherds hear,
And haste the Babe to greet:
Let us like them with joy draw near,
And worship at His feet.

But say-oh, strange surprise-
What spectacle is seen:
An Infant in the manger laid,
His parents poor and mean?

Say-do we here behold
The Son of God most high,
Who doth within His hand infold
The earth and sea and sky?

Faith penetrates the veil,
And through the cloud drawn o’er,
Sees Him whom angels trembling hail,
The God whom they adore.

O Babe, Thy birth despised
And lowly manger tell,
To flee from all below that’s prized,
And with the meek to dwell.

From sinful shame and pride
Guard us, Thou Child divine:
Then wilt Thou in our hearts abide,
Thy cradle and Thy shrine.