Ye People Clap Your Hands

Ye People, clap your Hands,
And with glad Voices sing;
No Force the Pow’r withstands
Of GOD, the mighty King.
For us in Battle he shall fight,
And Nations round to quell,
And fix where we must dwell,
The Pride of Jacob, his Delight.

God is gone up our King,
With Shouts and Trumpets sound:
To him loud Praises sing,
And let the Song go round;
For him, who all the World commands,
Your utmost Skill be shewn;
Who from his righteous Throne,
Extends his Sway o’er Heathen Lands.

The Princes of our Tribes,
Are to the People join’d,
Who Abra’ams GOD adore,
With pure and upright Mind:
They, far from hence to serve him came,
And he did Succour send,
His People to defend:
For great and glorious is his Name.