Ye Pilgrims Through This Vale Of Tears

Ye pilgrims through this vale of tears,
Come, let us cheer each other,
Amid the danger’s doubts and fear,
Let each console his brother.
Our way is often dark and hard,
Temptations all around us,
Unless we pray with one accord
They surely will confound us.

We see the pit where others lie,
All smitten by the Tempter,
We too shall come to grief and die,
If we to him surrender.
We’ll walk the blood-be-sprinkled way,
The road that leads to glory,
And as we go we’ll sing and pray,
And tell redemption’s story.

While some are shouting all the time,
Some other hearts are bleeding,
They want the heav’nly peace to find
For which their souls are pleading.
Come, let us lead them through the gate,
The way of sins confessing,
The word of God will put them straight
and they will find the blessing.

There may be some that’s growing tired,
Because the way is tedious,
Let’s take the Book that was inspir’d
And tell them more ’bout Jesus.
Tell them of Him who bled and died!
The crucifixion story.
Who rendered justice satisfied
And then went home to glory.

We soon shall reach the shining shore,
And see our dear Redeemer,
Where we shall weep and sign no more,
But praise His name forever.
Our time is short and crosses great
And often hard to carry,
Who rendered justice satisfied
And then went home to glory.