Ye Righteous In The Lord Exceedingly Rej

Ye righteous in the Lord,
exceedingly rejoice;
For it is comely for th’ upright,
with praise to lift their voice.
With psaltries, harps and lutes,
sing praises to the LORD;
A new song loudly sing to Him,
with skill and sweet accord;

Because JEHOVAH’s word
is altogether right;
And all his work is done in truth,
and brings his truth to light.
He loves all righteousness,
judgment and equity:
And all the earth is filled with
the LORD”s benignity.

For by JEHOVAH’s word
the heav’ns had all their frame;
And by the spirit of his mouth,
all armies of the same.
The waters of the sea
he gathers as an heap;
In channels as in treasuries
he lays up all the deep.

Let all throughout the earth,
the great JEHOVAH fear,
Let all the dwellers of the world
to Him deep rev’rence bear:
Because he did but speak
the word; and it was made;
He did but his commandment give,
and it was firmly staid.

JEHOVAH brings to nought
the schemes of nations wise;
He renders all in vain the plots
the subt’lest men devise.
The counsel of the LORD
abide for ever shall;
The cogitations of his heart,
to generations all.

[ Part]

O blessed nation they,
whose God JEHOVAH is;
That people, for an heritage
He chosen hath as his.
The LORD from heav’n looks down,
on all the human race:
He all who dwell around the earth
views from his dwelling place.

He fashions at his will
the hearts of all mankind;
And all their operations he
attentively does mind.
By multitudes of hosts
no king himself can save,
The mighty by their greatest strength,
can not deliv’rance have.

A horse a vain thing is
to save one in the fight;
Neither can he deliv’rance give
by greatness of his might.
But lo, who fear the LORD,
on them, He sets his eye;
On them who place their lively hope
in his benignity.

To save our souls from death
by war and famine, free;
Our souls will for JEHOVAH wait;
our help and shield is he.
We trust his holy name;
so our hearts in Him joy.
LORD, let thy mercy be on us,
as we on Thee rely.