Ye Saints Of His Sing To The Lord

Ye saints of His, sing to the Lord,
Your praise lift up in sweet accord;
Give thanks, and great Jehovah bless,
Rememb’ring still His holiness.

O sing to the Lord, O sing to the Lord,
His wondrous love in song proclaim;
Give thanks, and remember His holiness,
And praise and bless His name.

His anger but a while endures,
His favor life for us secures;
At night may fall the mourner’s tears,
But gladness with the day appears. [Refrain]

Be gracious, Lord, my pray’r to hear,
Be Thou, my Helper, ever near;
When deep distress invades my soul,
Help me my cares on Thee to roll. [Refrain]

In grief do Thou my spirit bless,
My sorrows turn to joyfulness,
That Thy deliv’rance all may see,
And praise Thee Thro’ eternity. [Refrain]