Ye Servants Of The Almighty King Your Jo

Ye servants of the Almighty King,
Your joyful Hallelujah’s sing,
With praise his glorious name confess.
, Now raise your hearts, as heretofore,
Till time itself shall be no more,
Jehovah’s sacred name to bless.

From the first rising of the sun,
Unto it’s latest going down,
Jehovah’s name is to be praised.
For o’er all nations is his sway;
Above the realms of endless day,
Jehovah’s glory’s highly raised.

Who, like the Lord, our God, excels?
He in the highest heaven dwells:
Who condescends, when he surveys
The heaven, and earth, with all their host;
He lifts the poor out of the dust.
From dunghills doth the needy raise.

That him, with princes, he might seat;
With his own people’s princes great.
To equal dignity might bring.
The barren he confines at home,
A joyful mother to become,
O therefore Hallelujah sing.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,