Ye Shepherds Arise And Shout To The Skie

“Ye shepherds, arise,
And shout to the skies!
The angels are winging
Their way here and singing;
Salvation is near;
The Savior is here.”

“Come, singing gay psalms,
With pipes and with shawms,
And come to the manger,
To welcome the Stranger,
Who, born in a stall,
Is Lord over all.”

As soon as this word
The shepherds had heard,
They sought the Appointed,
The Lord, the Anointed;
And found, in a stall,
The Savior of all.

They knew Him, the mild,
The heavenly child,
And fell down before Him,
All meek, to adore Him;
And praised Him in psalms
With pipes and with shawms.