Ye Soldiers Of The Lord Arise

Ye soldiers of the Lord, arise!
The trumpet calls you from the skies;
Be strong in God, and in His might
Go forth the evil host to fight!
For see, they gather far and near,
Their mocking bugle-call we hear-
Arise, and meet the pow’rs of sin,
And in God’s name the battle win!

And when the battle’s o’er,
And soldiers fight no more,
How sweet to rest when shadows come,
And waken in the heav’nly home.

Put on the armor of your Lord!
His holy word your mighty sword;
Let faith’s tried shield turn ev’ry dart,
And prayer and watching guard your heart.
Your breast-plate on, and sword in hand,
Against the wiles of Satan stand,
That in the end, when all is done,
You may o’ercome thro’ Christ alone. [Refrain]

O soldiers, haste to meet the foe!
With loyal zeal to battle go!
Your Captain calls you to His side,
He waits your eager steps to guide.
His strength will help you on the field,
Till ev’ry enemy shall yield;
And, when the victory is won,
His voice will say, “Well done! well done!” [Refrain]