Ye Sons Of Men Come One And All

Ye sons of men, come one and all!
Come to the Gospel feast;
Obey your blessed Saviours call:
O come and be his guest!

We bear his message unto you,
Commission’d by the Lord–
His promises, come prove them true,
And trust unto his word.

All things for you are ready now,
And precious is the treat!
And all you need he will bestow,
To make your joys complete.

We pray that you may all draw near,
And to the call attend;
They who refuse our call to hear,
Cannot be Jesus’ friend.

Nothing pertaining to this life,
Should cause you to delay–
Not Land or Oxen, or a wife,
Keep you from Christ away.

Be ye not like the stubborn Jews,
Who all his calls disdain’d!
Because they did his grace refuse!
His curse on them remain’d.

He calleth not the Jews alone,
But all who will receive;
Come poor and needy, ev’ry one
Come ye to him and live.

But some ye, mow make no delay!
O come with speed and haste:
Lest he should in displeasure say–
My feast ye shall not taste.