Ye Souls Bowed With Sorrow

Ye souls, bowed with sorrow,
And worn from the strife,
Take heart for the morrow,
New courage for life;
One stands by the wayside
To comfort and cheer;
There’s never a moment
This Friend is not near.

Believe that he loves you,
Oh, doubt not his grace;
The sunlight of mercy no cloud can efface;
Your wearisome burden
He’ll share all the way,
A friend ever faithful awaits you today.

Press on, though the pathway
With dangers may teem;
He’s there to uphold you,
His promise redeem;
No longer in loneliness,
Wait for the end;
Each step of the journey
He proves he’s a Friend. [Refrain]

Hope on, though the struggle
Is bitter and long,
He guides through the mazes
Of trouble and wrong;
Though often we grieve him
And blindly we roam,
He’ll bring us in safety
At last to his home. [Refrain]