Ye Souls That Are Weak And Helpless And

Ye souls that are weak,
And helpless, and poor,
Who know not to speak;
Much less to do more;
Lo! here’s a foundation
For comfort and peace
In Christ is salvation;
The Kingdom is his.

Then be not afraid,
All power is given
To Jesus our head,
In earth and in Heav’n;
Thro’ him we shall conquer
The mightiest foes;
Our Captain is tronger
Than all that oppose.

His pow’r from above
He’ll kindly impart;
So free is his love,
So tender his heart,
Redeem’d with his merit
We’re wash’d in his blood;
Renew’d by his Spirit
We’ve power with God.

Thy grace we adore,
Director divine;
The kingdom and pow’r
And glory are thine:
Preserve us from running
On rocks or on shelves;
From foes strong and cunning,
And most from ourselves.

Reign o’er us as King,
Accomplish thy will;
And pow’rfully bring
Us forth from all ill;
Till falling before thee
We laud thy lov’d name,
Ascribing thy glory
To God and the Lamb.