Ye That Have Spent The Silent Night

You that have spent the silent night
In sleep and quiet rest,
And joy to see the cheerful light
That riseth in the east;
Now lift your hears, your voices raise,
Your morning tribute bring,
And pay a grateful song of praise
To heaven’s almighty King.

And as this gloomy night did last
But for a little space,
As heavenly day, now night is past,
Doth show his pleasant face,
So let us hope, when faith and love
Their work on earth have done,
God’s blessed face to see above,
Heaven’s better, brighter Sun.

God grant us grace that height to gain,
That glorious sight to see,
And send us, after worldly pain,
A life from trouble free,
Where cheerful day shall ever shine,
And sorrow never come;
Lord, be a place, a portion, mine
In that bright blissful home. Amen.