Ye Weary Hungry Starving Poor

Ye weary, hungry, starving poor, behold a feast is spread!
The banquet hall is open now, and millions have been fed;
The young and old, the high and low may take the living bread:-
“This man receiveth sinners.”

Thanks to God! Praise the Lord for such a Saviour;
Thanks be to God! For Christ receiveth me.

Behold! the host is waiting, and the day is passing by!
The most unworthy sinner may in confidence draw nigh;
Then hesitate no longer, though the idle scoffers cry:-
“This man receiveth sinners.” [Refrain]

Fear not to come, there yet is room and bread enough for thee;
There’s welcome in the Father’s house, His bounty, O how free!
The invitation, praise the Lord! includeth even me:-
“This man receiveth sinners.” [Refrain]