Ye Who Believe In The Gospel Of Jesus

Ye who believe in the gospel of Jesus, look up and sing;
Sing and rejoice, ’till the heavens are glad and the valleys ring;
Love is uplifting the races and tribes of the sinful earth;
Nations and people are praising with joy the Redeemer’s worth.

Praise Him with anthems glorious,
Praise Him in ev’ry clime;
Sing of His love victorious,
Praise Him with strains sublime;
Sing for His banner beautiful,
Over all flags unfurled;
Sing, for His goodness and mercy are saving the world.

Ye who have faith in the grace that redeems you, extol His love;
Sing, till your voices are heard in the mansions of bliss above;
Speed a glad song thro’ the aisles of the heavens, on joyous wings,
Sing till the universe tremble with praise for the King of kings. [Refrain]

Out of the darkness and sin He is leading each tribe and race,
Saving, and lifting them out of their fetters, by saving grace;
Jesus is worthy of all adoration and joyous praise;
Serve Him and trust Him, oh, love and adore Him for countless days. [Refrain]