Ye Who Called Ye Who Called To Christs

Ye who called, ye who called
to Christ’s service are,
join together, join together,
both in work and prayer;
venture all on him, our Lord,
who assures us in his word,
we are always, we are always
objects of his care.

Showers of blessing, showers of blessing
from the Lord proceed,
strength supplying, strength supplying
in the time of need;
for no servant of our King
ever lacked for anything.
He will never, he will never
break the bruised reed.

Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy
on each land and place,
where your servants, where your servants
preach the word of grace;
life and pow’r on them bestow,
them with needful strength endow,
that with boldness, that with boldness
they may you confess.

May we faithful, may we faithful
in our service be,
truly careful, truly careful
in our ministry;
keep us to your church fast bound,
in the faith preserve us sound,
often weeping, often weeping
grateful tears of joy.