Ye Worlds Of Light That Roll So Near

Ye worlds of light, that roll so near
The Saviour’s throne of shining bliss,
O tell, how mean your glories are,
How faint and few, compar’d with his!

We sing the bright and morning Star,
Jesus, the spring or light and love:
See, how its rays, diffus’d from far,
Conduct us to the realms above!

Its cheering beams spread wide abroad,
Point out the puzzled Christian’s way;
Still, as he goes, he finds the road
Enlighten’d with a constant day.

[Thus when the Eastern magi brought
Their royal gifts, a star appears;
Directs them to the babe they sought,
And guides their steps, and calms their fears.]

When shall we reach the heavenly place
Where this bright Star will brightest shine?
Leave far behind these scenes of night,
And view a luster so divine?