Yearning For More Of Jesus

Yearning for more of Jesus,
More of his saving power;
More of his sweet salvation
Fill each passing hour.

Trusting his love forever;
Walking with him today:
Waiting for his appearing,
When sin shall flee away.

Knowing that we have found him:
Sweet is the mem’ry still;
Still ever full his store house,
Manna, our souls to fill. [Chorus]

Yearning to bring him nearer,
Fullness of sweet desire;
All of his love receiving,
Wrapp’d in the Heavenly Fire. [Chorus]

Fitted to see his coming;
Ready to enter in;
Wearing the wedding garment,
Cleans’d from the stain of sin. [Chorus]

Ready to work for Jesus,
Seeing his day is nigh;
Oh, thou dear, ling’ring lost one,
Quick to thy Saviour fly. [Chorus]