Yes Saved To Serve I Watch

Yes saved to serve, I watch and pray,
And stand rejoicing ev’ry day,
Would love the Lord with all my heart,
And from His precepts ne’er depart.
Yes saved to serve by faith I live,
To God my time and talents give,
I seek to know His gracious will,
And all His law of love fulfill.

Yes saved to serve, I share my store,
To clothe and feed the humble poor,
And send the gospel all abroad,
In honor of the Lord my God.
Yes saved to serve Lord I am Thine,
On fire of love a light to shine,
To others show the narrow way,
That leads to joy of endless day.

Yes saved to serve, I toil and strive,
O Lord my God, Thy work revive,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
From rising to the setting sun.
Yes saved to serve O Lord we meet,
And pay our homage at Thy feet,
Thy name and majesty adore,
We’ll love and serve Thee evermore.