Yes There Is Room For Jesus Within This

Yes, there is room for Jesus
Within this contrite heart;
Dear Savior, wait no longer,
But grace divine impart.

Room, O blessed Savior,
In my poor wand’ring heart;
Come in and reign forever,
New life and peace impart.

Yes, there is room for Jesus-
The Guest of heav’nly birth;
His life He gave a ransom
For all the sons of earth. [Refrain]

Yes, there is room for Jesus,
Oh, enter, Lord, and reign;
The King and mighty Conqueror,
O’er death and sin and pain. [Refrain]

I’ll sing aloud the praises
Of Him who saves from doom;
Dear Lord, thro’ coming ages,
My heart shall give Thee room. [Refrain]