Yes We Gladly Come And Follow Where

Star of the east now shining in the azure sky,
Star brightly gleam as by the prophets long foretold,
Come, shepherds, come and hasten o’er the eastern plain,
Your incense rare and jewels fair
At the feat of the King unfold.

Yes we gladly come and follow where the star is leading,
Long, so long, we’ve watched and waited for its wondrous gleaming,
Hail the Prince of Peace, the Saviour promised to the sages,
Hail Immanuel Messiah born in Bethlehem. [Refrain]

Still the star beams on and beckons to the wondrous Saviour;
Still it leads the way to where the Prince of Peace is sleeping,
Shine, O wondrous star, throughout the glorious coming ages,
Till we all with Him shall reign in peace forevermore. [Refrain]