Yes We Trust The Day Is Breaking

Yes! we trust the day is breaking;
Joyful times are near at hand:
God, the mighty God, is speaking
By his word in ev’ry land:
When he chooses,
Darkness flies at his command.

Let us hail the joyful season;
Let us hail the dawning ray:
When the Lord appears, there’s reason
To expect a glorious day:
At his presence
Gloom and darkness flee away.

While the foe becomes more daring;
While he enters like a flood;
God, the Saviour, is preparing
Means to spread his truth abroad;
Ev’ry language
Soon shall tell the love of God.

God of Jacob, high and glorious,
Let thy people see thy hand;
Let the gospel be victorious,
Thro’ the world in ev’ry land:
And the idols
Perish, Lord, at thy command.