Yet Truly God To Isrls Good

Yet truly God to Israels good,
To all the clean in heart.
Although my feet did nigh decline,
My steps almost depart.
My envy at the foolish rose,
To see the wicked’s peace,
Because their strength is firm, no bands,
In death, does on them seize.

With troubles they are not distressed;
Nor plagued like other men.
They’re clothed with violence; and pride
Hangs round them like a chain.
Their eyes stand out with fatness; they
Have more than heart could seek.
They are corrupt, their crimes defend;
And loftily they speak.

Against the heavens they set their mouth;
Their tongue walks through the earth.
Thy people, here, return, and join
In their full cups, and mirth.
“How doth God know? in the Most High,”
(They fay,) “is knowledge found?”
Lo! these, the ungodly, prosper here.
In riches they abound.

Sure then, (said I,) I’ve cleansed my heart,
And washed my hands, in vain.
For, all day long, I plagued have been;
Each morn renewed my pain.
But if I openly assert
What thus I rashly say,
Lo; then the experience of thy saints,
Each age, I should betray.

Second Part

When this I sought to understand,
It was too deep for me:
Till to the house of God I went,
Then I their end did see.
Sure them thou’st set on slippery ground,
And down to ruin cast.
How, in a moment, are they fallen!
With terrors they’re laid waste?

As a vain dream, when one awakes,
Away their glory flies;
So, Lord, when thou dost rise to judge,
Their show thou wilt despise.
Thus did my heart in ferment glow;
Pain in my reins increased.
I was so foolish, ignorant.
Before thee, like a beast.

Yet, still I’m with thee; thou support
By my right hand didst give.
By counsel thou shalt guide me, then
To glory me receive.
In Heaven, whom have I? What,on earth,
Can I desire, but thee?
Though flesh and heart should fail, God will
My strength and portion be.

Lo; they that far from thee depart,
Shall into ruin fall;
Those who apostatize from thee,
Thou wilt destroy them all,
But, as for me, it’s good I should,
Still, near to God, repair;
I in Jehovah trust, that I
May all thy works declare.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,