Yield Not To The Tempter Though Bold He

Yield not to the tempter, tho’ bold he may be,
The sword of the Spirit will cause him to flee;
The grace of your Savior, His wisdom and power
Are able to save you in each trying hour.

Yield not! yield not! for God can make you stand;
Yield not! yield not! He’ll hold you by the hand;
Yield not! yield not! the blessed savior came
To give you victory, all glory to His name!

Yield not to the tempter, tho’ hidden the snare,
The Lord will protect you in answer to prayer;
List no to the whisper that leads you astray,
From evil inducements turn quickly away. [Refrain]

Yield not to the tempter, be strong in the Lord;
How rich is His promise, how grand the reward;
For all who are faithful, and triumph by grace
Will find in His kingdom a crown and a place. [Refrain]