Yield Not To The Tempter Walk Not In His

Yield not to the tempter,
Walk not in his way;
List not to his promise-
Your trust he will betray.
Tho’ the flow’rs of beauty
‘Round you he should cast,
To realms of endless darkness
He will lead your soul at last.

Trust alone in the Savior
He will guide and protect you,
And at last He’ll receive you
To his heav’nly home.

Trust alone in Jesus,
He’s the one true Way;
In complete submission
Yield now unto His way.
Oh, to love and serve Him,
All your pow’rs unite;
Put confidence in Jesus-
He will guide your feet aright. [Refrain]

By the quiet waters
He will safely lead;
With the bread of heaven
Your hungry soul will feed;
And when on life’s threshold
Some day you shall stand,
He’ll sweetly bid you welcome
Into Canaan’s happy land. [Refrain]