Yonder A Vessel Is Breasting The Gale

Yonder a vessel is breasting the gale,
Lost is her rudder, and rent ev’ry sail;
Heavily laden, there’s nought can prevail,
O’er her the waters must rush with a wail.

Out! Out with the life-boats!
Yonder are perishing souls in their need;
Out! out with the life-boats!
Over the waters be flying with speed.

See she has stranded! a wreck she must be,
Yes, she is breading, so wild is the sea;
Signals are waving, and cries may be heard,
Surely among us some hearts may be stir’d. [Refrain]

Life has its ocean, and out on its sea,
Sin spreads its danger, tho’ hidden they be,
Souls there are stranded, and loud is the cry,
Help now is needed, or else they must die. [Refrain]