You Are Losing Your Soul

You are losing your soul,
Sadly missing the goal,
You are hopelessly drifting away,
Blindly wand’ring from God
On a treacherous road,
You are far from his kingdom today.

Yet Christ intercedes
In heav’n above,
He tenderly pleads,
Like wooing dove,
Supplying your needs
In kindly love;
O cease from your drifting away!

You remember the hour
When the Spirit of pow’r
Touched your lips with his finger of grace,
When he names you his own,
When your heart was his throne,
And you gazed on God’s reconciled face. [Chorus]

Now you stumble along;
From your life all the song
Has departed, and gladness takes wing;
You are leading no one
To the feet of God’s Son,
You are false to your Savior and King! [Chorus]

You are doomed to be cast
With the vilest at last,
And the fate of the guilty to share,
From God’s presence to hide,
And eternally bide
In the regions of hopeless despair! [Chorus]

With the ages in view,
Is it nothing to you
That the Master is calling you home?
Can you turn from the light
Into darkness tonight,
From his mercy forever to roam? [Chorus]