You Are Under Condemnation Careless Sinn

You are under condemnation, careless sinner,
And the judgment day is surely drawing near;
If you trample under foot redeeming mercy,
What a sentence then your guilty soul will hear.

“Depart from My presence,” the Judge will proclaim,
“Depart from My presence into everlasting flame!”
Oh, escape this awful doom; cling to Jesus while you may,
And prepare to meet your Savior on the great judgment day.

There’s a judgment fast approaching, careless sinner,
And remember there’s a death that never dies;
Oh, the wailing of the lost who feel its anguish;
To its horror will you dare to close your eyes ? [Refrain]

There’s a judgment fast approaching, careless sinner,
If you sin away the precious time of grace;
You will call upon the rocks to fall upon you,
And to hide you from a slighted Savior’s face. [Refrain]

There’s a world where all the righteous shall be gathered,
And another of remorse and endless pain;
If you die without the cleansing blood of Jesus,
Then forever with the lost you must remain. [Refrain]